People who spend sleepless nights know how it adversely affects both body and mind to function the following day. Sleep is meant to be a regenerative process for the body, much like recharging an electronic gadget. In the absence of sleep, both mind and body tend to lose their vitality. A person may end up feeling fatigued and find his/her thoughts to be clouded.

In short, one may find oneself incapable of physical work and having clarity of mind. Other effects can include headache, dark circles, irritability, indigestion, and so on. There can be various reasons for this sleep disruption, the major one being melatonin.

Melatonin and the ways it affects the body

It is interesting to know that all these effects are brought about by the lack of one simple hormone in the body – that’s melatonin. It is a ‘magic’ hormone that is naturally produced within the body from serotonin. Most people these days are familiar with the name of serotonin. It controls a person mood, and therefore, by extension, controls social behaviour. It also goes on to affect appetite and digestion.


This hormone produced from serotonin focuses specifically on the sleep cycle. An imbalance can, therefore, cause insomnia. There is a reason why stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand.

Some naturally occurring sources

The lack of this magic hormone, however, is nothing too grave to worry about. It can be cured easily. While the body takes some time to regain its natural, functional state, the hormone can be supplied to it externally. The first preference should always be natural food items. There are numbers of food items rich in this sleep hormone including:

  1. Whole grains like rice, oats, and barley. Ever felt a little sleepy after a wholesome meal of rice? Now, you know the science behind it.
  2. Many fruits and vegetables are also good sources of this sleep-inducing hormone. Some of them are cherry tart, pomegranate, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, grapes, olives, and cucumbers.
  3. Seeds and nuts including mustard seed, walnut, peanut and sunflower seeds are also effective.

Apart from food items, exercising and yoga can help in increasing serotonin secretion. This, in turn, can increase this hormone’s secretion. However, for faster results, one can also opt for food based supplements.

While purchasing these dietary supplements, it is important to check the source of this substance in that product.

The cure to extreme sleep deficiency

For people who have serious problems and who have tried the natural sources and food supplements but all in vain, melatonin tablets are there. These can effectively induce sleep or stimulate the hormone’s secretion.

The ideal time for consumption

People who wish to consume these supplements to fall asleep soon, the ideal time of consumption would be 30 minutes before bedtime. However, if you feel your sleep cycle has become abnormal, take the supplements 2-3 hours before the desired bedtime.

Above all, get authentic dietary supplements having all natural ingredients.