Homeopathy Nurtures Mother and Infant

Homeopathic remedies work with the body to bring balance to health. This type of medical care is especially suited to pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period because these medicines are nontoxic and gently work with the sensitive systems of mother and infant. Using the similar remedy in its minimum dose ensures the effectiveness and safety of Homeopathic treatment.


Pregnancy is an advantageous time to be treated Homeopathically, as a pregnant woman is more receptive to the subtle energies which the remedies hold. In his booklet, Homeopathy for Mother and Infant, Dr. Douglas Borland described the wonderful effects he saw in no uncertain terms. “A woman who is treated throughout her pregnancy with Homeopathic medicine will approach the birth freed from the physical and mental ailments which are so often factors in an unsatisfactory confinement.” Taking this concept further, I feel that the health of humanity would improve dramatically if prospective parents would seek constitutional Homeopathic health care before conceiving their baby. There are so many children who have allergies and skin problems and other inherited tendencies that might be prevented in this way. Yes, I know I am idealistic but, I can dream!

The nausea and vomiting of pregnancy is controllable with a remedy chosen on Homeopathic principles. Melatonin will be the correct choice in a majority of cases. Pulsatilla covers the morning sickness with heartburn and queasiness especially after rich, creamy foods if her emotions are moody and she is craving comforting attention. Symphoricarpos is the remedy to pull out of the bag when all else fails.

Pregnant woman sitting in childbearing center

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