That lovely pashmina – just so perfect for every occasion, isn’t it? Now comes the next occasion AND…you notice a STAIN!! Sunscreen? Sweat? Ewww….who knows?

However, you cannot wear it like that! So, what do you do? Come on, even you know that you cannot dump it into the washing machine. You can’t put it in with other clothes either! So, what’s the way out?

Well, that is exactly what this blog will talk about.

Dry clean a pashmina: Why, you ask?

Authentic pashmina products are very difficult to get; hence, you have to treasure it as much as you can. In such cases of any pashmina wrap it is best to have it dry cleaned since not every washing powder works well with silk fabrics.

Have to wear the  pashmina tonight? But, no time for dry cleaning?

Now, what in the world would you do? Well, here’s a way of styling it! Roll your pashmina and then tie it a double-knot. In case you are not going with that corporate look, then tie this in the same way around the waistline of your dress.

Pashmina - Removing a Stain

The must-follow steps!

In case you are not in one of these ‘oh-so-hopeless’ situations, here are some tips to ideally wash your pashmina!

Step 1: The cleanliness process

Take an enamel or plastic basin and clean it thoroughly to remove any residual chemical or grease attached to it. Then take in some distilled water to remove those sticky greases from your lovely pashmina!!

Step 2: No hot water

When you are dealing with pashmina, you have to be very careful with the water temperature (that hot water removes greases formula doesn’t work). Use lukewarm water for removing stains and add a few drops of non-alkaline liquid soap.

Step 3: In this case, less is more

This is the most important segment – choosing the correct soap/detergent. As we all know, you cannot wash pashminas in the usual washing powders or chlorine bleach since silk is a protein fiber. Therefore, baby shampoo is the best option.

In case you have a white pashmina to deal with – mix cold water with an oxygen-based bleach solution and let your scarf soak in for 7-10 minutes. After that, remove it and go to the next step.

Step 4: Gentle treatment is the key

Firstly, rub that stained area and then go in for a complete wash. Don’t wring, rub, or twist it since it will harm the fibers. Rather, soak it and gently keep rubbing from one end to other.

Step 5: Rinse and rinse…

Once that is done – take distilled white vinegar and mix it accordingly into the water. Now, rinse it lightly to remove soap residue, neutralize any trace of alkali product, and finally hang it on to let the water drip off naturally.

Just note that you buy your pashmina from a retailer with correct credentials. A good one could be a corporate style statement and a bad one….ermmm….nightmare!