Different Types Of Herbal Remedies For Various Purposes

Natural Remedies

The practice of herbal medicine is said to have started as early as 5000 years ago.

Since then, herbal remedies are becoming very popular. It’s one of the most preferable options for treating various sicknesses in the past, before the invention of chemical medicines.

Today, there are many people in the world who are suffering different diseases including physical, emotional and mental sicknesses. Even chronic and cancerous problems are treated using herbal remedies.

Herbal products are mostly made from plants that include the leaves, flowers, stems and the roots etc. Therefore, herbal remedies are natural and safe, without side effects. Herbal remedies are also considered as an alternative therapy and complementary.

Herbal remedies are likely to differ from one culture to another, one region to another. Depending on their practices, beliefs, folklores, some are passed down from one generation to the next, while others are backed by scientific evidence.

Some of the most commonly used Herbal plants are listed below:

Herbal Tea

Herbal TeaThis are mostly made from botanical herbs and plants. The herbal tea is caffeine free, so it’s safe to drink. Such herbs are boiled or deep in hot water so that you can use it for various purposes. It will help you to get a good or sound sleep, it boost digestion and increases your energy level.

For example, Ginseng roots can also be used as a tea for improving immune function. The flowers of chamomile are brewed and used as tea in order to treat gastric upset.

Herbal Poultices

Poultice is a type of herbal paste, a mixture of ground herbs, water, oil or gel. Herbal PoulticeThe herbal poultices are mostly used to treat pain, inflammation and even insect stings. It has to be applied directly to the affected area for healing.

The clear gel of aloe plants are also used for sunburns and heat burns.

For example, the stems of turmeric are used as a paste to treat inflammation.

Herbal Oils

Herbal OilsHerbs and seeds are mostly used to prepare herbal oils which are usually applied to your skin. Olive oil and rosemary oil can be used as shaving oil or aftershave oil for men. Applying such oils will really make a difference in shaving smoothly and effortlessly without any discomfort.

For example, Bitter orange oils are commonly used in cosmetics for fragrance.

The Chinese often use bitter orange tincture to treat fungal infections.

There are so many herbal plants which are easily available at your end. For example, your kitchen has a variety of herbs and spices which can be used as homemade or herbal remedies for treating different kinds of sicknesses.

Therefore, it’s very important for you to learn and use those herbal products in order to keep yourself and your family fully protected from various diseases that are spreading in and around us, and also to keep our body fit and healthy for the rest of your life.