Top Six Medicinal Plants For Herbal Treatments

Top Six Medicinal Plants For Herbal Treatments

Before the invention of the modern medicines, herbal medicines and remedies are widely used and practiced. Therefore, the importance of herbal remedies cannot be under estimated or overlooked. Even today, there are millions of people in the world who are fully dependent on herbal products and medicines.

Medicinal Herbs

Herbal medicines are quite effective and powerful for treating different kinds of sicknesses from the simplest to the most complicated or chronic diseases. Though it may take longer time for treating and healing.

Some of the Topmost Medicinal Herbs Include the following:

There are large number of plants, flowers, herbs, spices and roots used for preparing different kinds of medicines for herbal treatment. However, the below listed are the top 6 medicinal plants that are commonly used today.


Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs for treating various human diseases. It’s also considered as the world’s most powerful plant. Peppermint is enriched with minerals and vitamins such as A and C, it also contain Iron & Manganese.

Peppermint Leaves are mostly used for treating stomach upset, cough & cold, allergies, fever, asthma, flatulence, tuberculosis and other respiratory problems.

Peppermint oil is also used for reducing colonic spasms.


Basil is a medicinal plant frequently used in preparing food for the family. But it’s highly effective and powerful for treating stomach gas, cuts, flatulence and scrapes. Regular intake of basil leave will boost appetite for a healthy body.


Comfrey is herbal plant that contains Allatoin.

Allatoin is a chemical compound that naturally helps in replacing body cells.

It’s often used for treating ulcer, arthritis, severe burns, acne, weak and broken bones, cuts and bronchial related complaints.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are filled with sap, which are excellent for treating burns, eczema, skin allergies, cuts and wounds.

Regular intake of Aloe Vera juice will help in healing digestive problems and appetite, ulcerative colitis and chronic constipations.


Sage is a plant frequently used in your kitchen for preparing food.

It’s excellent for treating Gum infection, skin infection, helps in unblocking menopause and it’s good for digestion as well.


Ginseng is one of the most highly sought medicinal herbs in the market.

It’s mostly known for its natural ability to promote health and prolong life.

Ginseng roots are frequently used to improve appetite, immunity and blood pressure levels. It’s also used to increase the metabolism rate, increase hormone secretions and relaxation of the nervous system.


The above mentioned plants are not very hard to find, to plant and to grow. Except for Ginseng you may have to go extra mile in search of it. But, it’s worth the effort if you really want to enjoy the benefits of it. Herbal medicines are becoming very popular because of the affordability, ease of use and the power to heal almost every kind of diseases at the root level.

Today, plants or herbal remedies are safer, useful and cheaper alternative to drugs. Herbs can help support your health from a very basic level just as the food do. Will you be a happy and encouraged to have a small healing garden for your family, by planting the above mentioned medicinal plants or herbs in your garden? Play the music at the background and take time to plant some of these plants in your garden and used it to bring healing into your body, mind and emotions.